Employment & Vet Students


Our staff are essential to our business, and that’s why we endevour to make their hapiness, professional development and wellbeing a priority. 

Positions Available:

 Mixed Veterinarian (full time, experienced and new graduates welcome)

Please feel welcome to email us your resume if you are interested in a position not currently advertised.

Resumes can be emailed to: veresdale_equine_vets@hotmail.com

Vet Students

We have a very pro-student ethos: if we don’t foster students in the vet industry, it simply means there will be very few vets to help animals in the future! 

If you are a uni vet student please feel welcome to email us to arrange your prac work. Our senior vets are passionate about  education, and we are more than happy to accommodate students. 

We urge you to book early, as we only take one student at a time, and places do sometimes go 12 mths or more in advance.