BARF: The Pet Food Revolution

Hoof N Paws vets are now proudly stocking BARF, in fact we’re the only Big Dog BARF distributor in the Scenic Rim!

What is BARF?

BARF is the health revolution for your companion pets, it acronym standing for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Basically, it’s all-natural raw pet food that is prepared to human-consumption standard. Where possible, Big Dog sources ingredients from organic and local suppliers.

Why choose BARF?

BARF may be the ideal food for your furry family members because its nutrients are not altered by temperature, and it’s free from fillers, chemicals and preservatives. Natural forms of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils enhance this food choice.

Many pet owners have found the switch to BARF resulted in:

Improved skin, coat and lean body mass

Healthier teeth and fresher breath

Reduced stool volume and odour

Strengthened immune system

Improved reproductive health and orthopaedic conditions

Big Dog also support Guide Dogs through their Leading Raw program. Hoof N Paws is proud to stock the Leading Raw line to assist this worthwhile cause.

We stock for dogs:

Leading Raw in Growth (puppy), maintenance, energy and senior

Regular Big Dog BARF rolls and patties in chicken and lamb

We stock for cats:

Regular Big Dog BARF in turkey

Info and Images courtesy of Big Dog Australia

Big Dog Australia is the leader in Natural raw diets for dogs and cats, manufacturing a product commonly referred to as “BARF,” which stands for “Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.”

 A Qld owned and operated family  business, started by Chris and Kirsten Essex, established now for 13 years

Our message is quite simple – we want everybody to feed raw natural foods to their dogs and cats to promote wellbeing and health, rather than the very common, highly processed foods that are popular choices, largely due to the need for knowledge of the benefits of raw feeding.

Our diet mimics a “wild dog”  or  “evolutionary” diet. The results are incredible, and very quickly seen, normally within 2 weeks, particularly when you take the dogs from a dry and/or processed food diet to our raw diet.

Our ingredients include – meat, crushed bone, offal (liver, kidney, heart), vegetables (mainly green leafy, carrots, celery), apples & oranges, eggs, kelp, flaxseed meal and alfalfa.

  We distribute our product in pet-stores, produce stores and vets, with a presence in every state. We also currently export to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Chris’ background is Food Science, studying at Gatton University. He is also Nutritional Adviser to  Guide Dogs Qld, playing a large part in the formulation of their own branded raw food, Leading RAW.

Big Dog is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of this product and is a major supporter of GDQ, feeding their colony of puppies and working dogs in Qld .