Basic Horse Health

Basic Horse Health
Due to the economic climate, finances are getting tight for everyone but there are a few basic areas that we should not take shortcuts on when it comes to our horse’s health. By following a basic health regime you may avoid ongoing veterinary costs.

  1. If you can’t remember if your horse has had a Tetanus (Strangles) vaccine in the last 12 months vaccinate your horse now. A simple cut, scratch, or injury to the hoof which you may not even notice could lead to your horse suffering terribly from this condition.
  2. Keep up with your regular worming regime; letting this go may lead to intestinal problems which may result in malnutrition, colic and diarrhoea.
  3. Keep up with regular visits from your farrier (no hoof = no horse). Even if you need to forgo shoeing for a while, maintaining your horse’s feet in good condition will avoid problems such as seedy toe, split hooves, and hoof abscesses.
  4. Consider saving for your horse’s annual dental/veterinary health check. Keeping your horse’s teeth in good working order will optimise your horse’s ability to digest the feed you are giving them. This means that they are getting all the economic/nutritional value out of every mouthful. It could also minimise the need for expensive dental work as they get older.