Pet Grooming

Hoof n Paws now have a grooming service available! Whether your pet needs a bath & blowdry or a full body groom, we can do it. Using specialised soap free shampoos and conditioners, and particular products for those with sensitive skin, all our clients receive a bath & blowdry, nail clip, check ears, teeth, skin […]

First Aid for Dogs & Cats

Unfortunately pet owners can be unexpectedly confronted with a sick or injured animal. Here are some tips that might help in common situations. Above all else though our best tip is STAY CALM – panic helps no-one! Snake Bite Signs might include any or none of the following : vomiting, drooling, dilated pupils, weak or […]

Feline Diabetes – Tigga’s Story

By Emma Pearse, Trainee Vet Nurse He’s not eating as much. He’s urinating in places other than his litter tray. He’s losing weight. Recently he keeps emptying his water bowl and tries to scavenge water from the sink, shower, and pool… What is happening??? “Tigga” is a 13 year old neutered male, domestic short-haired cat. […]

Common Cat Toxins

Cats can be very sensitive to poisonings with common materials. For instance, did you know that plants from the Lily family are toxic to cats.  Any part of the lily plant can cause kidney failure in a cat so be careful not to introduce the plant or cut flowers from the plant to your house. […]

Cat Dental Case Study

Emily’s cornish rex Maru was having a few issues of late. Since Emily had adopted her she was gaining weight more slowly than she would have liked, was a slow eater, and had stinky breath. And we mean stinky! Other than that, Maru was quite content in her home and settling in well. She would sometimes […]

BARF: The Pet Food Revolution

Hoof N Paws vets are now proudly stocking BARF, in fact we’re the only Big Dog BARF distributor in the Scenic Rim! What is BARF? BARF is the health revolution for your companion pets, it acronym standing for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Basically, it’s all-natural raw pet food that is prepared to human-consumption standard. Where possible, Big […]

Buying a Kitten & Advice for New Owners

What should you do to take the best possible care of your new puppy? Here’s our advice in a nutshell! Buy a kitten that suits YOU! If you’ve got very little spare time then a really long haired breed which might needs lots of grooming might prove difficult. Think about your situation BEFORE you go […]

Snakebite in Pets

In the scenic rim/Logan area we are lucky enough to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, although some species may not be as welcome around our homes, namely, the venomous kinds. Wild snakes and family pets are never a good combination, and with summer right around the corner it’s essential to understand the dangers a snakebite […]

Post-Surgery Tips

Many of we humans have had surgery and know how difficult it can be to recover. Imagine if you didn’t understand what had happened? Your pet’s recovery from surgery may be made smoother by following your vet’s advice. Make sure you talk to your vet afterwards and understand what it is you need to do […]

Paralysis Ticks & Your Dog &/or Cat

Every year vet practices are inundated with ill dogs and cats, struck down by the paralysis tick. Paralysis Ticks, a native species to this country,  are more common on the East coast of Australia (unfortunately that means us), and generally use native wildlife as a host. Some domestic pets have reportedly built up resistance to […]