Crate Training

Dogs are den animals by nature so therefore, can feel secure and relaxed in an enclosed place and if trained, a crate can become a private sanctuary for your pet. Crate training your puppy or dog may be useful in many different situations – for example – travelling, vet visits, toilet training, or any time […]

Vaccinating and Titre Testing

In our modern world we are very fortunate to have readily available vaccines to protect dogs from life-threatening diseases such as Parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, and canine cough. Not that long ago vaccines against Parvo were not available and it was a game of chance as to whether your dog might contract this deadly disease. Now […]

Snakebite in Pets

In the scenic rim/Logan area we are lucky enough to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, although some species may not be as welcome around our homes, namely, the venomous kinds. Wild snakes and family pets are never a good combination, and with summer right around the corner it’s essential to understand the dangers a snakebite […]

Puppy Preschool Is Fun!

Have you heard we are doing puppy classes now? It’s a 4 week course with one of our vet nurses.  The class provides a safe and happy environment for your new puppy to learn the basic life skills they will need and cover topics to do with health, safety and care.  You also you have the […]

Post-Surgery Tips

Many of we humans have had surgery and know how difficult it can be to recover. Imagine if you didn’t understand what had happened? Your pet’s recovery from surgery may be made smoother by following your vet’s advice. Make sure you talk to your vet afterwards and understand what it is you need to do […]

Poisonous Dangers in the Garden for Dogs

The garden conjures many memories of wonderful times with our canine friends, but it can also be a place which harbours danger for them. While many of the products we use in our gardens such as fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides are generally not harmful when applied via package instructions, concentrated amounts can be, and it […]

Paralysis Ticks & Your Dog &/or Cat

Every year vet practices are inundated with ill dogs and cats, struck down by the paralysis tick. Paralysis Ticks, a native species to this country,  are more common on the East coast of Australia (unfortunately that means us), and generally use native wildlife as a host. Some domestic pets have reportedly built up resistance to […]

Holidays and Traveling with Dogs

Oh to have a holiday! Most of us go on a holiday no more than once a year, and one of our greatest concerns is making sure our animals will be in safe hands while we’re away. Next time you’re planning a holiday why not take your dog along as well? It’ll mean you won’t […]

Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm infestation in dogs can be fatal. It is a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes and so transmission does not require direct contact between dogs.  Because of the role of mosquitoes in the spread of this disease it is only prevalent in certain areas of Australia and is more likely in dogs that spend some time outdoors. […]