What should I do if I think my horse has colic?

If you believe your horse has colic, please phone us immediately on 5543 1213 or 0409 884 377 for assistance.

If there are 2 people at home, one should walk the horse while the other calls the vet and informs them of the horses’ symptoms. If you are on your own, call your vet, then start walking your horse. If you have a mobile phone, keep it with you.

Often we will get calls where someone has been walking a horse for long periods of time before calling. In the meantime the horses’ condition may have been deteriorating.

Just because you call your vet does not necessarily mean they will need to come out straight away. Through alerting them to the situation, they will be able to make an assessment of the severity and the urgency of their attendance and also advise you of how long to walk your horse for and the signs of recovery. It is also good that they know in advance that they may have a colic case to see.

As this is such an exhaustive, and unfortunately common, ailment, we have divided the sections for ease of reading.

  • All About Colics
  • Preventing Colic, the Bain of Horse Ownership
  • Why Hospitalisation can sometimes be the Best Option for Colic Cases