Common Cat Toxins

Cats can be very sensitive to poisonings with common materials. For instance, did you know that plants from the Lily family are toxic to cats.  Any part of the lily plant can cause kidney failure in a cat so be careful not to introduce the plant or cut flowers from the plant to your house. If you are wishing to have a cat-friendly garden there is a large list of plants that are toxic to your plant, as well as ones which are safer, in this link.

Some foods humans enjoy are another danger to your feline family, these include: alcohol, chocolate, coffee, onions, garlic, and apple seeds, to name a few. Christmas time is particularly for vets when lots of our favourite foods are around and everyone becomes busy and consequently may not monitor their cats swiping a treat from the table. Keep an eye on your cats when human food is out and were possible, keep it covered. Some owners are well meaning and intentionally give their cat favouite foods as a treat. To do the best by your cat give them treats that are designed for cats. There are a range of commercial ones available, in fact many cats enjoy something closer to their natural diet such as a raw chicken wing (never feed cats cooked bones).

Human medications can also be very dangerous to cats. If your cat is unwell don’t give it any of your medicine to try and fix it. Drugs like Aspirin are particularly toxic to cats.

Similarly some medications that are safe on dogs are not safe on cats. One example of this is the Advantix for dogs. This drug is to prevent fleas and ticks on dogs however it is very toxic to cats. Always check the label before using any product on a cat.

Be wary when using household cleaning products, as many of these are quite toxic to cats. Even more natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus may be harmful, so ensure any surfaces you have cleaned are wiped free from chemical residue before your cat has contact.