DNA Testing

What is the breed of YOUR dog?

Do you know your dog’s breed? Did you get your dog from a known breeder or was your beloved pet rehomed by you? It can often be surprising the mixture of breeds a dog contains (it is surprisingly interesting finding our which mixture of breeds make up your dog). This gorgeous puppy looks like a mastiff, but we actually were amazed to discover his true breeding is Douge du Bordeaux x German Short Haired Pointer.

It is actually quite important to know the breeding of your dog as it can help you know the optimal weight of your dog and the best type food to feed. Also different breeds can get some specific diseases so knowing your dog’s breed can help you keep watch for signs. For example, Doberman Pincher’s can get a disease that prevents the blood from clotting normally called “Von Willebrand’s Disease”.  Finally, certain breeds may have different behaviour characteristics, and knowing the breeding of your dog may help you to understand why he or she behaves a certain way. Advance Pet Foods can help you discover the breed of your pooch. Through a DNA blood test they can map out the genetics of your dog to give you greater insight into who your dog really is!