Do you think your animal has a medical emergency that may either require immediate veterinary assistance or advice?

If so, please phone

5543 1213 or 0409 884 377
for immediate assistance at any time of the day or night. If we don’t answer, please leave a message on the mobile with your name, phone number, location and your animal’s condition; we will call back as soon as we receive it. If we don’t return your call within 10 minutes please keep trying as messages can be lost in the telephone network system.

If you’re not sure if your animal’s case is an urgent one, please ring us first. After-hours this phone number is the direct line to the on-call vet. To respect our vets, please do not call us on this phone number after 5.30pm, or before 8am if you want to make a general enquiry or a general appointment.

Being well-prepared can sometimes make the difference in saving your animal’s life, therefore we’ve listed some articles below on emergency cases, what to look for, and how to appropriately respond.