Equine Digital X-Ray - Our Services

Our Mobile Digital x-ray machine is one of the ways we are abe to deliver a fast and advanced veterinary service. We are now able to get results immediately, as the x-ray image appears on the laptop almost instantly before you eyes. This means that if an image was not adequate or more images were required for diagnoses, we can see it straight away and snap more views there and then. Without such technology, the vet would not have discovered this until the x-ray had been developed, costing you more money, as they would have to return to take further shots.

A digital x-ray is the equivalent of a digital photograph, and thus carries similar benefits. As with digital photos, digital x-rays can be altered so we can make certian aspects clearer. We have the benefit of possessing a digital copy, so there’s no worry that would come with a hard copy being lost or damaged. Also, we are able to email it to you, or say in a laminitis case, your farrier. Digital radiography also involves no chemicals, making it safer for you, your horse and us.