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Prepurchase Exams

We always recommend that when you plan to buy or are given a horse, get a prepurchase vet check done (and not just because we’re vets!). Unless you are prepared to cover all medical costs, or have the horse euthanased, it is unwise to become the owner of a horse which has not been inspected by someone qualified to do so.

Getting a prepurchse will reduce the liklihood of buying a ‘lemon’, which will in turn reduce expenses if you have avoided a horse with severe problems. Vets can often pick up on severe tooth, lameness and laminitc problems where other horse people are unable to.

A vet check also encourages more transparency in the sale. If the seller has no problem with having the horse checked by a knowledgable vet, and doesn’t take any issue with the possibility of drug testing (if you wished for this to be performed), then you will feel more confident that they are making an honest sale.

Horses are an asset as much as a liabilty, not getting your procpective equine checked over by a vet first could make it the latter!

Prepurchase exams usually involve the vet getting the horse’s history, recording markings, examining the eyes, mouth, skin, listening to heart and lungs, taking temperature, check hooves over, pressure-testing hooves with hoof testers, looking over and feeling the legs, walking up, trotting up, sharp turning, backing up, looking for a mircochip, and performing flexion tests. Sedation may be required to perform a full eye and dental chck-over. More extensive exams can include xrays, full lameness work up, or bloodwork.

Our vet will call you the day before or of the exam to fully discuss your circumstances and requirements.

Insurance Exams

Hoof N Paws Vets are able to perform full exams for your insurance company. Contact us for a quote.