Poisonous Dangers in the Garden for Dogs

The garden conjures many memories of wonderful times with our canine friends, but it can also be a place which harbours danger for them.

While many of the products we use in our gardens such as fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides are generally not harmful when applied via package instructions, concentrated amounts can be, and it seems dogs are super great at finding these concentrated levels stored in the shed. Store any chemicals for the garden out of reach: on the top shelf in a box is a good idea. After applying anything to your garden ensure your dog does not have access to this area for at least the reccommended period on the packaging.

Take extra care with snail pellets, as many practices see many cases of dogs who’ve poisoning from these. If you suspect your dog has eaten some please phone us straight away on 0409 884 377.

These are plants which are poisonous for dogs. It might be a good idea to keep this in mind when landscaping your property:

Plant                                       Poisonous Section

Apricot                                     Stem, ark & seeds

Azalea                                      All parts

Bane Berry                               Berries, roots & folliage

Bird of Paradise                        Fruit & seeds

Boston Ivy                                All parts

Buchberry                                 All parts

Castor Bean                              Seeds

Caladium                                   All parts

Choke Cherry                            Leaves, seeds, stems & bark

Creeping Charlie                        All parts

Daffodil                                      Bulbs

Daphne                                      Berries, bark & leaves

Dumbcane                                 All parts

Emerald Duke                            All parts

English Ivy                                  Leaves & berries

Foxglove                                    Leaves, seeds, flowers

Glacier Ivy                                  Leaves & berries

Heartleaf                                    All parts

Hemlock                                    All parts

Hyacinth                                     Bulbs, leaves & flowers

Hydrangea                                  Leaves & buds

Jerusalem Cherry                        All parts

Jimson Weed                              All parts

Jonquil                                       Bulbs

Lantana                                     All parts

Lily/Liliaceae                              All parts

Lily of the Valley                        All parts

Marble Queen                            All parts

Majesty                                      All parts

Mandrake                                  Roots, foliage & unripe fruit

Mistletoe                                   Berries

Morning Glory                           Seeds

Nephthytis, Arrowhead Vine      All parts

Night shade                              All parts

Oleander                                  All parts (incl. dried leaves)

Parlor Ivy                                 All parts

Poinsettia                                  Leaves & flowers

Pokeweed/Inkberry                  All parts

Pothos                                      All parts

Red Princess                             All parts

Red Sage                                 Green Berries

Rhododendron                         All arts

Rhubarb                                   Leaves

Saddleleaf                                All parts

Split leaf Philodendron              All parts

Sweet Pea                                Seeds & pods

Tulip                                         Bulbs

Umbrella Plant                          All parts

Wisteria                                    Seeds & pods

Yew                                         Needles, bark & seeds