Taking Your Horses Temperature

Not everyone has done this even if they have been around horses for years.

You will need a digital thermometer (available from chemist or vet).
*A horse’s temperature is taken from their rectum.

  1. Lubricate the end of the thermometer with soapy water.
  2. Stand close to the near side of the rump (horse’s left), ensure the horse knows you are there & speak to it with a soothing voice.
  3. Lift the tail & gently insert the thermometer into the horse’s rectum. You must have a firm hold of thermometer to stop it from disappearing into the rectum.
  4. Make sure the tip of the thermometer is gently pressed to the wall (side) of the rectum to ensure it is not sitting in manure which would result in an inaccurate reading.
  5. The thermometer will “beep” when the reading is obtained.

For mercury thermometers:

  • If you are using a mercury thermometer be careful as they are easily broken.
  • Gently shake mercury down to the bottom of the tube before using.
  • Follow the steps above but wait at least 60 seconds before removing the thermometer & reading it.