Wet weather equine health concerns

Hoof conditions:

With the wet a lot of people are having trouble with hoof abscesses.

So what can we do to lessen the possibility of this causing a problem for our horses?

  1. Make sure you keep their hooves in optimum health. This can be achieved by having your farrier visit on a regular basis, ideally at least every 6 weeks or sooner if your farrier advises. Keep a record of your farrier’s advice & make sure you follow through with what they suggest.
  2. At the moment it is very hard to control the environment unless your horse is s stabled. Paddock horses need to have their feet cleaned out daily & a suitable hoof dressing applied (check with your farrier). Stabled horses also require the same care, it is also very important to keep the bedding in their stable clean & dry.

What should I do if I suspect my horse has a hoof abscess?
Hoof abscesses are extremely painful. You need to call your farrier or your vet as soon as possible. Which one is hard to say, often your farrier will be able to locate the problem & help you resolve it. At other times it may be a job for your vet depending on what is going on. You will find that both these professionals may refer the job back to each other or if the condition warrants it, work together to get your horse comfortable again.

Skin Conditions:

These are really exacerbated by humid weather.

There are a multitude of conditions & treatments which would take pages to cover. If you are having problems resolving a skin condition it is more economical to have your vet examine & suggest a treatment plan than go through a number of treatments that are not resolving the condition. Some conditions may need topical (on the skin) as well as oral or injectable treatments.

How can I prevent skin conditions occurring?
If your horse has sensitive skin, keep it rugged. Spray or wipe some form of insect repellent (natural or conventional) on them twice daily. If your horse has had problems before, check it daily & take action as soon as the condition appears to re-occur.